The Wave Music Calculator

Download your copy of the Wave Music Calculator by clicking the image below.  Load up Excel and start playing!

These results are from the ‘wave calculator’ mentioned in the book; “The Brain Is A Wonderful Thing”, by the author, and available as a free download. They show how the ‘average’ human brain base frequency very accurately predicts the frequencies of the keys of a piano, which are exponential. The ‘Note’ is the musical note on the keyboard. The ‘Key’ is the frequency of the note on the keyboard. The ‘Freq’ is the frequency predicted by the algorithm used in the brain based on the average base frequency of the human brain.

Note: C0 C#0/Db0 D0
Key: 16.35 17.32 18.35
Freq: 16.356814349697 17.326814349697 18.356814349697
Note: D#0/Eb0 E0 F0
Key: 19.45 20.6 21.83
Freq: 19.456814349697 20.606814349697 21.836814349697
Note: F#0/Gb0 G0 G#0/Ab0
Key: 23.12 24.5 25.96
Freq: 23.126814349697 24.506814349697 25.966814349697
Note: A0 A#0/Bb0 B0
Key: 27.5 29.14 30.87
Freq: 27.506814349697 29.146814349697 30.876814349697
Note: C1 C#1/Db1 D1
Key: 32.7 34.65 36.71
Freq: 32.703628699394 34.653628699394 36.713628699394
Note: D#1/Eb1 E1 F1
Key: 38.89 41.2 43.65
Freq: 38.893628699394 41.203628699394 43.653628699394
Note: F#1/Gb1 G1 G#1/Ab1
Key: 46.25 49 51.91
Freq: 46.253628699394 49.003628699394 51.913628699394
Note: A1 A#1/Bb1 B1
Key: 55 58.27 61.74
Freq: 55.003628699394 58.273628699394 61.743628699394

This one octave example is totally accurate and very precise. To see how the whole keyboard is identified simply by the base frequency of the average human brain, download the wave calculator by clicking the image below; and try it for yourself.