The Neutricity Pilot Wave Demonstration

A scope shows only one perspective of the electro-magnetic wave. There are four! The electric field, the magnetic field, the opposing electric and the opposing magnetic fields. You may not have heard about the latter two. That is not to say the negative electric field and the negative magnetic field. Each opposing has an opposing as well. When you look at a scope you are seeing only one wave out of a potential 8 different waves in this spectrum. To see the difference and how a wave is actually structured look at it from the end perspective.

What appears to be an undulating up and down longitudinal fluctuation in a medium (best compared to a wave in water) is actually a spiral circling a pilot wave. Imaging if it was possible to reach that pilot wave and actually put it to use? What if it was possible to acquire, tap and manipulate the OTHER SPECTRUM? What if it was possible to put the other 8 different waves to work? Welcome to NTC!