The Intelligence Lab

It is a rather moot issue to pursue a study where the definition of its main component cannot be agreed upon. That is the state of intelligence research. What IS intelligence? Is it what the ancient Greeks, Chinese and Indians thought it was? Is it what modern science in its many theories thinks it is? The answer is simply no. The reason is the same.

Every theory of intelligence, theory of mind, theory of brain function in vogue today and in the past as centered upon observation. To replicate something observed requires only replicating what is observed and calling it the cause. That does not make it so. Each person’s observation is from a different perspective and leads to many different theories, each one defended to the death if need be.

This research does not rely upon observation to induce cause, it relies upon observation only to confirm cause. Much documentation is within this presentation about the brain, its mechanism, system and methods and we urge the reader to digest it all.

The Intelligence Lab’s responsibilities are to design systems, both robotic in nature and software based to use the mechanism of the brain. As a design laboratory, only the most elementary of functions are built, turning over development to the other two labs when ready.