Study Shows Lab Rats Would Rather Mess With A Researcher Than Eat Chocolate

The piece is actually Study shows lab rats would rather free a friend than eat chocolate Neuroscientists (which should give away the punch line) at the University of Chicago, are all giddy about their ‘discovery’. Watch the video. (Note to professor, when one baby cries, others cry in reaction.) “…pairs of rats that normally shared … Continue reading “Study Shows Lab Rats Would Rather Mess With A Researcher Than Eat Chocolate”

The Method

Science has been fixated on visual observational techniques of fMRI scan studies, resulting in brain-maps and totally false interpretations of observed results. That technology is nothing more than a continuation of ancient ignorance with the aid of new machines. The four methods employed by The Enticy Institute are designed to rid the scientific process of … Continue reading “The Method”

Awareness: Your Glasses

Why Glasses? What’s Wrong With My Contacts? Nothing is wrong with your contacts. Glasses are the most obvious intrusion that can be placed before your eyes and your eyes can help you increase the control of self-awareness in short-term memory. One easy way to increase short-term awareness is to use it and the easiest way … Continue reading “Awareness: Your Glasses”