Brain Cells Get The Whole Picture

Ueli Rutishauser, at Caltech (California Institute of Technology) has arrived at an interesting finding. Brain cells or neurons can recognise whole faces, not their parts, enabling us to tell friends from strangers or a sad from a happy face. Sort of upsets the whole apple cart, doesn’t it? Current Biology quotes Rutishauser: “The finding really … Continue reading “Brain Cells Get The Whole Picture”

Recall in Memory

Have you ever wondered what your memory process is? How is it, you learn things then you recall things you already learned, or even: how is it that your memory of something past is not necessarily the same as what really happened? You don’t? Well, even without that pondering, here is a simple, non correctly … Continue reading “Recall in Memory”


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Introducing recall!

This demonstration is just that. It is searching what was the front pages of,, and only, and only one page of each site. For now. That means the result universe is very small. So don’t expect to search the web! If you search for words or terms or concepts that are not … Continue reading “Introducing recall!”