Brain Cells Get The Whole Picture

Ueli Rutishauser, at Caltech (California Institute of Technology) has arrived at an interesting finding. Brain cells or neurons can recognise whole faces, not their parts, enabling us to tell friends from strangers or a sad from a happy face. Sort of upsets the whole apple cart, doesn’t it? Current Biology quotes Rutishauser: “The finding really … Continue reading “Brain Cells Get The Whole Picture”

Artificial Life Claim is FALSE!

The research by Craig Venter, (costing some 47 MILLION dollars and 15 years) claiming to have created “artificial life” is just plain FALSE! When Venter can answer the question ‘What is life?’, that does not include DNA as life.¬†or already living cells as life itself: he can start all over again. “Dr Venter said … Continue reading “Artificial Life Claim is FALSE!”