Watching a Neuron ‘Fire’

This is a rather crude (and rather old at that) animation of a neuron being charged, then fired and showing the resulting expulsion of the combined value. The top input represents the value passed from a previous neuron. The input at the right represents the biological clock‘s firing value. This specific animation shows two exit … Continue reading “Watching a Neuron ‘Fire’”

Applications List

Applications currently available include: Brain Sciences Little Ricci┬« Autonomous Brain Dynamics Robot ( Iggit Scaled Human Brain Demonstration ( Feedme Scaled Human Brain Demonstration ( Roach! Intelligent computer game. ( APE: Architectural Programming Environment ( RECALL: Brain Based Concept Searching Information Sciences Ching! Financial Management System Ching! Smart-Secure Credit-Debit Card System PayMeView Secure MultiMedia File … Continue reading “Applications List”