Watching a Neuron ‘Fire’

This is a rather crude (and rather old at that) animation of a neuron being charged, then fired and showing the resulting expulsion of the combined value. The top input represents the value passed from a previous neuron. The input at the right represents the biological clock‘s firing value. This specific animation shows two exit … Continue reading “Watching a Neuron ‘Fire’”

Applications List

Applications currently available include: Brain Sciences Little Ricci┬« Autonomous Brain Dynamics Robot ( Iggit Scaled Human Brain Demonstration ( Feedme Scaled Human Brain Demonstration ( Roach! Intelligent computer game. ( APE: Architectural Programming Environment ( RECALL: Brain Based Concept Searching Information Sciences Ching! Financial Management System Ching! Smart-Secure Credit-Debit Card System PayMeView Secure MultiMedia File … Continue reading “Applications List”

Introducing recall!

This demonstration is just that. It is searching what was the front pages of,, and only, and only one page of each site. For now. That means the result universe is very small. So don’t expect to search the web! If you search for words or terms or concepts that are not … Continue reading “Introducing recall!”