Memory Balance

The scales of justice are used to show the system of balance human life is faced with.

Long-term memory processing forms long-term memory from the moment the brain is started,
even at the two cell level.

Long-term memory grows in young childhood with long-term not only in control, but the only
thing known as memory at all.

As the child grows up, long-term memory being sent to short-term processing increases and
short-term begins to actively take part in the function.

At that point, consciousness exists. Awareness. Self-awareness can increase to become
awareness of concepts, awareness of knowledge, awareness of truth, awareness of fact and in
doing so, as it grows it exerts more and more influence over long-term’s outputs to motion.

Most people stop at the minimum required short-term process.

This graphic shows what happens to the brain if short-term is used and extended and given
control over the past.

It ends the same way, regardless of which ‘brain’ is in control. But reaching the end in
control is far more agreeable than reaching the end out of control.