IQ Test

Inversion Quotient. Not Intelligence Quotient. Although it measures intelligence in both long and short term processes of your brain, it also measures (the sum of the two levels of brain processing) the resulting level of awareness of your brain.
       The IQ test is nearly similar to the currently accepted IQ test in results, ONLY, if the person taking it is NOT very much aware.
       The more aware a person is, the more obvious the answers are and therefore, the more capable of higher intelligence and the more the extremes appear silly in results.
       Silly, because the scores range from -0- to over 186 where the higher and the lower the answers the more aware the person is. The differences are in their manner of assumption. The higher awareness is, the more control is exerted over long term memory’s suggestion. So a person with a high score is both aware and acting in the direction of their degree of intelligence. A person acting in the opposite, -0- direction is allowing long term memory to exert the power of its suggestion and allow a long term reactionary response.
       A test created to be its own sliding curve, still results in showing the level of awareness of the individual, regardless of their primary method of thinking: aural or visual.
       Know it is impossible to have a pair of opposing extremes (opposites attract), so far away from each other and still be in the same system, to result in anything more than the non-zero value of their average; the test is able to identify inconsistencies in the manner of submission and will result in what some have considered to be a rather obnoxious attitude. Complaints have stopped, thankfully.
       Your IQ test is accurate, as it uses both tools available to you instead of just the long-term result (recall, instant resulting answers) which is only half of your available intelligence and no indicator of how well it is being used.
       The more questions, the more varieties of method employed to ask them: the more accurate the test would be, but the extremes would remain the same, forever unable to merge.

This IQ test is programmed in APE: Architectural Programming Environment.