Introducing recall!

recall find engine
click HERE! the recall demonstration is open

This demonstration is just that. It is searching what was the front pages of,, and only, and only one page of each site.

Rendering of Recall GUI

For now. That means the result universe is very small. So don’t expect to search the web!

If you search for words or terms or concepts that are not in the pages indexed, you will receive results that will seem strange. It is no different than telling someone something completely new and having them relate it to something they are already familiar with and resulting in a misunderstanding.

If you search the concept ‘neutronics’ you will receive mouseover comments to help you understand the importance of this breakthrough data mining engine.

You may search to your liking, but keep in mind: if you search for a concept the engine does not understand, the result will be anything from a nightmare to a pleasant dream.

Always check the front page of recall to see the currently understood concept count.

This engine does not search words, so this eliminates keywords and search result manipulation. Recall’s commercial application will be marketed in a way unlike any other of its kind.

This is not a search engine, like This is a find engine. Recall does not provide you with a big list of results to manually search. recall gives you the answers without physically searching words.

Perform enough searches and watch the concepts related to them in each found page. You’ll see the connective logic, especially in the larger or bolder words or phrases.

It is almost poetic that this demonstration level, working,  thinking, remembering, learning program would be completed at this time.

This means being able to take control of your own results. No more pages of results, ten at a time to find the entry that isn’t from a site that is nothing but links to other sites and opens windows that won’t close and crashes your browser.

In other words, this is a big frickin’ deal!

When playing with it, don’t become consumed by search results that come from things you type in that simply do not exist in any of the three sites (pages for now) indexed. The purpose of this version of recall is to demonstrate a working product, using APE.

APE: Architectual Programming Environment

Programming in an APE landscape means dealing in depth; writing processes that mimic biologically timed mechanics, in three dimensions. It means one algorithm controls every function that involves calculating the thought of the program from its input or its memory and those calculations are based in a single algorithm. It may or may not involve the addition of remembering input other than spider indexed database contents. Input like queries in relation to results, which would help to increase the representative value of each concept, increasing learning from manually provided input.

recall is but a demonstration at the moment. see the link above for information without much detail or the site below for a great deal more.

APE Is a programming environment, not a language. Any language can be used in an APE landscape project. The definitive APE explanation is contained at .

Details on recall, the find engine are contained within by invitation only.