Connect to the Internet through a lightbulb?

German physicist Harald Haas has hit upon an idea with great promise and total absurdity.

If you watch this video and just replace ‘visible light’ with ‘neutricity spectrum’ you will begin to understand the potential of a wholly new and unregulated frequency spectrum just waiting to be tapped that does not require even the electrical draw an LED requires.

Watch the video:

Neutricity does NOT require line of sight, as a light bulb does.

Neutricity does transmit through any form of matter, light stops.

In the quest to replace expensive and heat intensive cell phone towers with something more efficient, Neutricity solves this issue by offering the use of not a different section of the electromagnetic specturm, but a wholly different spectrum.

Visible light is just that, visible. In Haas’ demonstration the LED light he interrupted with his hand, holds promise to transmit data. But Neutricity holds promise to replace the entire radio frequency spectrum usage with a spectrum that does not generate heat and does not reduce its energy level jumping from one component to another.

As warmly received as Haas’ demonstration was at TED, a demonstration of a Neutricity powered communications device would blow them away.