Awareness: Your Glasses

Why Glasses? What’s Wrong With My Contacts?

Nothing is wrong with your contacts. Glasses are the most obvious intrusion that can be placed before your eyes and your eyes can help you increase the control of self-awareness in short-term memory. One easy way to increase short-term awareness is to use it and the easiest way to use it is to remain aware of something that does not change. The glasses on your face do not change (other than slipping from time to time.) Be aware of your glasses, especially when you need to be aware of your thoughts. The awareness itself will build in long-term memory and you will find a moment where you realize you are indeed in control.

People who wear glasses know very well that after a short while they ‘forget’ they are wearing glasses and see just fine without any interference from the frames. They do not ‘recall’ wearing glasses unless attention is brought to them.


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To increase short-term ‘awareness’, see the frames. If you continue to retain the interference of the frames you are thinking in short-term. To increase your short-term thinking dominance, keep remembering to ‘see those glasses’ in front of your face.


If you do not wear glasses you might imagine that such a blockage right in front of your face would be aggravating. Don’t fret. It does not take long to literally ‘forget’ you are wearing them. And there is a fine solution to increase short-term awareness. Stay aware of your glasses. Instructions:

  1. Remove glasses from case.
  2. Place each long thing sticking out from the lense holder over each ear (they will not both go on one ear.)
  3. Slide the frame back over your nose and rest it on top of your nose. (A space should be provided for your nose.)
  4. Look through the holes in the frame. (The holes should contain a lens or if you do not need a lens a simple hole will do.)
  5. Observe the frames on your face.
  6. Go about your daily business.
  7. The moment you do not observe the frames on your face. Observe the frames on your face.
  8. Whenever your need to speak in public, make a decision, or otherwise cause output that requires contemplation, observe the frames on your face and keep observing the frames on your face.
  9. No matter how hard you try you will come to not observe the frames on your face.
  10. When that happens: be aware of the frames on your face. See. That was simple. If you do not believe this will do anything for you, try it anyway. If only to prove it wrong. Good luck.