The Brain Based IQ Test

The Brain based IQ test is programmed in A.P.E. and is a single level brain processor with static memory. Take the test but make sure you follow the instructions. APE is programming WITHOUT RULES so input requires rules or things will go wrong. Same as real life.

Study Shows Lab Rats Would Rather Mess With A Researcher Than Eat Chocolate

The piece is actually Study shows lab rats would rather free a friend than eat chocolate Neuroscientists (which should give away the punch line) at the University of Chicago, are all giddy about their ‘discovery’. Watch the video. (Note to professor, when one baby cries, others cry in reaction.) “…pairs of rats that normally shared … Continue reading “Study Shows Lab Rats Would Rather Mess With A Researcher Than Eat Chocolate”

Brain Cells Get The Whole Picture

Ueli Rutishauser, at Caltech (California Institute of Technology) has arrived at an interesting finding. Brain cells or neurons can recognise whole faces, not their parts, enabling us to tell friends from strangers or a sad from a happy face. Sort of upsets the whole apple cart, doesn’t it? Current Biology quotes Rutishauser: “The finding really … Continue reading “Brain Cells Get The Whole Picture”

IBM Makes Fools of DARPA

In what is simply the most top-down example of delusion possible, IBM has snookered the Advanced Research Projects Agency DARPA of the Pentagon to pony up cash for another absurd ‘breakthrough’. In IBM unveils chips that mimic the human brain we learn of IBM‘s newest make believe. “IBM has unveiled a new experimental computer chip … Continue reading “IBM Makes Fools of DARPA”

Watching a Neuron ‘Fire’

This is a rather crude (and rather old at that) animation of a neuron being charged, then fired and showing the resulting expulsion of the combined value. The top input represents the value passed from a previous neuron. The input at the right represents the biological clock‘s firing value. This specific animation shows two exit … Continue reading “Watching a Neuron ‘Fire’”

Recall in Memory

Have you ever wondered what your memory process is? How is it, you learn things then you recall things you already learned, or even: how is it that your memory of something past is not necessarily the same as what really happened? You don’t? Well, even without that pondering, here is a simple, non correctly … Continue reading “Recall in Memory”

Eat At Mind’s The Human Brain Cafe

Many years ago, the original NTC put this together to explain how your brain works. Yes, it is dated and rather ugly art, but the message and lesson is the same.