The search for the causes of intelligence, cognition and sensory perception in order to treat diseases and conditions of the brain have been caught up in the quest for locating and dealing with the hardware (brain parts in neuroscience and drug research) and the result of brains in artificial intelligence and psychiatry. Only the science of artificial intelligence has attempted to replicate the processes being performed by the brain. AI has switched from duplicating brain processes to duplicating the processes brains result in while most protocols employed by AI have no relation whatsoever to how the brain does anything.

It is time for us all to understand how the brain works; to employ that understanding in helping people correct problems instead of covering them up and it is time the pseudo-science of brain studies comes to an end.

The only way to accomplish that is to build a brain that thinks without boolean logic programming or random processes, contemplates environment from memory perspective and learns through trial and error while developing its own personality.

Understanding how the human brain works is not very hard to do, but if one is trained in the fictional methods of observational illusions, seeking where, instead of how, ignorance defends itself at all costs.

Neutronics Technologies Corporation will act as both the resource clearing house for brain studies and the construction center for Enticy Models of Intelligent Machines, truly intelligent software applications, Neutronics efficient energy systems and the NEW Neutricity powered industry.

This is the knowledge to ease the minds of countless suffering people, train young children to live a healthy life and cause communication between peoples based in a single understanding. It is time humans started using what makes humans, human.


NTC (Neutronics Technologies Corporation) was formed in 1996 to develop a proof of concept device (quite successfully!) in order to place two technologies into action. The result was a robot named Little R.I.C.C.I .

NTC closed down a couple of years later after proving the point and failing to raise additional capital. As it turns out, that was actually a good thing. It took many years of additional research and specific development to bring both technologies into the adult stage.

Now, with the world facing an energy issue (however one wishes to define that issue it does exist!) it is now time to bring NTC back. This time, NTC will concentrate on commercializing both technologies.

This IS the Energy Miracle!

View all videos: NTC Youtube Collection (robot in action)

  • Imagine a portable phone with no cell towers and no limit on distance of transmission and reception.
  • Imagine a detection device mounted on HUMVEEs that will ‘nail’ a road side bomb from a safe distance.
  • Imagine a detection device that will identify what virus is present in a living creature – non-invasive!
  • Imagine three dimensional television and films replacing the viewing screen with glasses.
  • Imagine Internet bandwidth WITHOUT limits or wires.
  • Imagine if electricity was not dangerous, was inside every single form of matter and was detectable by its unique frequency and amplitude. Imagine efficient electronic devices powered by an energy that results in COLD.
  • Imagine detecting the presence of precious metals at any depth.

Disclaimer: Neutronics Technologies Corporation is not involved in, not associated with, does not support, does not condone and does not agree with the interpretations of persons who desire to turn a valid study and technology into a religious mantra. There was a person proclaiming Neutronics Technologies Corporation to represent some form of shamanism and claims to have used the term ‘Enticy’ to mean something it does not mean. Nothing can be further from the truth. This work is NOT affiliated with, nor is it connected to any work or inspiration or vision of Carl Jung.