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Enticy One Project

ENTICY ONE SPECIFICATIONS DESCRIPTION: Enticy One is a human replicate with visual and auditory inputs, arm, hand, shoulder, back and face (mouth) muscle groups, output to motion and speech. As a stationary device this ‘level one’ machine will become ‘aware’, respond to input, pro-act on past experience and will be taught to speak. POWER SUPPLY: … Continue reading “Enticy One Project”

The Wave Music Calculator

Download your copy of the Wave Music Calculator by clicking the image below.  Load up Excel and start playing! These results are from the ‘wave calculator’ mentioned in the book; “The Brain Is A Wonderful Thing”, by the author, and available as a free download. They show how the ‘average’ human brain base frequency very … Continue reading “The Wave Music Calculator”

The State of the Smarts?

All of a sudden there is a great interest in the press about the mind. Amanda Ripley of Time Magazine rests on images to describe Harvard University President Larry Summers’ speech in, “Who Says A Woman Can’t Be Einstein?” [1]. Marianne Szegedy-Maszak writing in U.S. News & World Report’s article, “Mysteries of the mind” [2] … Continue reading “The State of the Smarts?”

Pain Causing Brain Drain

A study published in the November 23 edition of the Journal of Neuroscience, as quoted from LiveScience [1] claims to have observed that “the brains of people with chronic backaches were up to 11 percent smaller than those of non-sufferers” [1] The reader will notice, in this study that: “No attempt was made to correlate … Continue reading “Pain Causing Brain Drain”

Motor Control

Motor Control … What The Motor Control Exercise Does: The first step in taking control of your brain is to ‘turn on’ the inactive short term process of your brain. Yes, it is ‘on’ (if it were not you would not know you were you.) This is increasing its influence on your brain’s reactive functions. … Continue reading “Motor Control”

Introducing the study of: Physiotypepathopsychognomy

There are so many ‘ologies’ in this piece one need only preface. (Sorry for the pun on Physiognomy.)        The survey question asked: Do you feel it more important to place importance on the environment or on what is good for big business?                The response was: tilt!                The question was a comparison that leads … Continue reading “Introducing the study of: Physiotypepathopsychognomy”